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Peking-based Lan Gallery Antiques is a professional antique company exclusively dealing in Chinese and Tibetan artifacts and fine art. Our clientele includes museums, private collectors, and selected business dealers. With 18 years of experience in appraising and seeking out collectable, authentic antiques, we have developed an intricate network of contacts and resources reaching across greater China and the Himalayas. It continues to be our passion to acquire the most important and unique pieces for our clients.

In addition to antiques, we also provide licensed appraisal services in all of the categories listed in our Collections. Appraisals are available to private individuals, or by company and auction contract. For information please email us

Lan Gallery Interiors & Custom Accessories is now in its 5th year! Drawing on the styles and motifs that come from our hands-on work with antiques, we create innovative interior design and product design for both private clients and the trade. The timeless elements of craft and form that connect such diverse things as bronze motifs, stone carvings, and the abstract of paintings, are all relevant to modern life. The use of the ancient in the present gives both depth and edge to many types of spaces and handmade products. For information please email us at:

Information on our associations in Paris, England, and Virginia is available by contacting us directly. We personally deliver to our local clientele and ship worldwide. - Lan Gallery LTD.